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Global Trade Monitor(GTM)

Data Drive Sales! Global Trade Monitoring provides a global trade monitoring system based on bill of lading and customs declaration import and export data. In addition to daily updates for the U.S., it also includes detailed enterprise-level data for countries such as India, Vietnam, the Philippines, various South American countries, and 15 African countries. Data received is stored and made available for query on the same day.

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Global Exporters (Outside China)


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Global Trade Flow(GTF)

GTF is an online trade data search and analysis system that offers a unique perspective for viewing timely, accurate and official global merchandise import and export statistics of 250 countries and regions, accounting for 98% of the global trade.

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For Educational Purposes

For Education or Research Purposes of University Students/Faculties

We offer limited free functions to university teachers and students, to assist their research in international trade, industry, and macroeconomics, aiming to spark groundbreaking scholarly achievements.


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GTF's Sci-Ed Version

The data is authoritative, accurate, and up-to-date, sourced from official institutions and international organizations. Most countries update monthly, while some along the "Belt and Road" update yearly due to constraints.

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GTI's Sci-Ed Version

Visualize data for diverse charts, access trade stats from official sources, and ensure reliable data citation. One computer with internet connection - instantly access trade and industry insights, validating your ideas and mastering global trade with just a click.

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Dalian Infobank Co.,Ltd(Trade mark:sinoimex,Registration No.91210200760774295L) was founded in 2004, and is one of earliest big data companies in China that started to collect global import and export data and provide inquiry and analysis services. Dalian Infobank owned a total of 35 intellectual property rights such as invention patents or software copyrights.

The trade statistics database covers 200 countries and regions in the world, accounting for 99% of the world's total trade in goods in comparison with the UN statistics or WTO Database.

The database of importers and exporters covers 250 countries and regions around the world, with nearly 10 million unduplicated importers and exporters.


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China Central Television's ‘News 30’ program on China's economy, with trade statistics on foreign countries from Dalian

Dalian Infobank also provides trade statistics for official media such as People's Daily and Economic Daily. As a supplier of trade data to China's Ministry of Commerce and General Administration of Customs, Dalian Infobank serves the government or enterprises with accurate trade data, and is the only organization in China that can collect, organize or publish trade statistics in line with UN statistics or WTO statistics.

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Global Trade Monitoring and Analysis Center (Dalian) was inaugurated

As a representative private high-tech enterprise in Dalian, Dalian Infobank on collecting global trade data and providing big data analysis and think-tank services. After 14 years, it has grown into an internationally renowned and globally influential leading foreign trade big data enterprise, which is in the leading position internationally in terms of data resources, number of customers, service projects and modes, etc. The "Global Trade Flow" big data platform has the world's largest goods trade database, covering 210 countries and regions, accounting for 97% of the total global trade according to the UN caliber and 99% according to the WTO caliber, and is widely used in e-commerce services.

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The Big Data of the National Information Center(Trade Data from Sinoimex) comprehensively calculates the foreign trade prosperity index of major countries and regions in the world. According to the data, China’s foreign trade prosperity index has been ranked first in the first half of 2021, far higher than the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries. Major trading country. Beneath the prosperity index is a busy scene of the smooth flow of cargo in major ports and the continuous growth of air and rail freight volumes. This shows that China's economy is picking up rapidly, and China has once again become an investment destination favored by foreign investors.

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Border trade is one of the potential opportunities for China's foreign trade growth

Based on global trade data, Zhuang Tianyu, chief researcher of Dalian Infobank . analyzes and predicts China's foreign trade's international environment, its own trends and structural characteristics, and releases a briefing on China's foreign trade big data analysis. The brief argues that overall, since 2023, the momentum of world economic recovery is unstable, external demand is weakening, China's foreign trade has withstood the pressure, the scale is stable, the share is stable, and the important position in the global industrial chain supply chain has not changed.

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International Trade Situation Forum Established University-Enterprise Cooperation to Advise on the High-Quality Development of Foreign Trade

Mr. Zhang Xiaotao, Dean of the School of International Economics and Trade of the Central University of Finance and Economics, and Mr. Tong Youjun, Chairman of Dalian Infobank . said that, in the face of the fast-changing economic and trade situation, the research and judgment in the field of economic and trade is different from academic research, which requires timely data on the one hand, and research and judgment on the trend on the other hand, which is indispensable to the support of the high-level research team and the high-frequency trade data.

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International market intelligence public service platform in Dalian online

Organized by China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medical and Health Products, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Light Industry and Handicrafts, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Livestock, and constructed by Dalian Infobank .

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